How To Install Wow Addon

Hello. I will explain how to install the add-on, which is the most basic.

Of course, there are people who use the integrated add-on, but You can install and use an add-on that is not in the integrated add-on, or It will be useful when you configure and use only the add-ons you need because the integrated add-ons do not fit you. It is easiest to understand if you try it yourself by looking at the image.

In the Inventory Add-On Archive, I will write the process of installing one essential add-on

If You Go Down The WoW Inven Menu On The Left

You will see the add-on library  (link clicked, new window).  After entering, you can see the popular add-on category in the center.

You can see the Raid Alert add-on, which is the most basic in 5-player dungeons and raids. You can download the latest version right away by clicking Download (recommended) You can also scroll down a bit and select the version you want from the file information.

It is usually called ‘installing add-ons’, but

In fact, installing the addon

All you need to do is unzip the file and move the files to the add-on folder.

*** This is the most important point, and beginners make the most mistakes. ***

Basically, the place where the add-on folder should go is.

World of Warcraft – Interface – AddOns

Click the icon at the top left of the app, or right-click the icon on the right side of the taskbar and click [Settings] If you go to [Settings] – [Game Install/Update], you can check the installation folders of all Blizzard games including WoW. Unzip the downloaded file and look at the contents of the folder.

There are several folders like this.

‘DBM-6.2.23-r14998-Core -and-Draenor-Mods-TM’ as it moves to the folder name in the version written not Just put all of the folders  in the picture above into the  World of Warcraft – Interface – AddOns  folder Just  copy and paste (Ctrl+C  Ctrl+V )  like this picture.

Now let’s turn on WoW

You will see a button at the bottom left of the WoW character select window. Please press the button. If you  copied  and pasted it correctly as described in the description , the add-on list will appear as shown in the picture. (It is recommended to check the ‘Import old version interface’ item.) (After installing the addon, you must completely turn off WoW to see it in the list.)

Add-ons that are composed of multiple folders like DBM show so many lists.

Addons that consist of a single folder,such as SavedInstances (link, new window)

(Add-on that informs each character’s dungeon attribution information or various currency situations when there are many sub-characters)

You will only see one item like this.

As shown in the picture above and above, it must be shown in the list of external interfaces to be properly installed.


The add-on composed of this single folder also unzips the file and Just put the SavedInstances folder in it under  World of Warcraft – Interface – AddOns  . (As a result of moving the folder, the folder is organized like World of Warcraft – Interface – AddOns – SavedInstances)

inside  the  SavedInstances folder

In this way, you can check that the main addon files are included. (Just for reference!) Above, I talked about how to install a very basic but very important add-on.

Too much addon is poison

Proper use of add-ons will increase your WoW skills and manners according to the situation!

Be sure to install good add-ons for beginners and enjoy!

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