How To Download Photos From ICloud To Your Computer Without IPhone Or IPad


iCloud is a very handy “cloud” data store for iPhone and iPad users. The following trick of Dien May Xanh helps you download photos and videos from iCloud to your computer without going through your iPhone.

Apple requires you to log in to your iCloud account on an iPhone or iPad to view uploaded photos and videos. So it’s inconvenient, especially when you lose your camera or need to take pictures urgently. Wonder Dr.Fone is an application that allows you to download photos and videos from iCloud to your computer very simply.

Steps To Take

First you need to download the Wonder Dr.Fone application here  or here and install it on your computer or laptop.

Open Wonder Dr.Fone and select Recover from the iCloud Backup file. Enter your iCloud account.

Note Wonder Dr.Fone is a reputable and well-known application for a long time, so you can trust your iCloud account. Other applications have similar functions, but if they are used for bad purposes, they can be stolen.

The application will list you a list of data backups available on iCloud. You hover over an item you want to get an image and select Download.

You can remove the data you don’t want to download, but you must select Camera roll, App Photo, and App Videos to download all photos and videos from iCloud to your device.


You need to wait for the application to download the backup set to your computer. Depending on the size of the backup on iCloud, this process takes quite a while.

After successful download you will see a message as follows. Click OK to continue.

This is the result after a long time waiting for the application to download the data. In the left column you can choose to view each data type. 

Select the photos one by one, then click the Recover to Computer button to save the image. It is done.

Good luck. If you have any problems, questions to the article, please ask questions right below so that Dien May Xanh can support.

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