Apple’s Focus Shift Strategy Why should Apple worry?

Why should Apple worry? Apple’s Focus Shift Strategy Apple believes that it is right to exercise control
over applications and collect commissions.

Apple’s redirect strategy can affect every user

Apple believes that it is right to exercise control over applications and collect commissions for certain
services that users use on the device. However, that is only part of a strategy to focus on revenue from
software services. There’s something else in this Apple decision: fear.

Why should Apple worry?

The company has been very successful and has a lot of money from developing hardware, but in reality,
iPhone sales will never grow as suddenly as the 2010s, when Apple became a “superstar”.
Smartphones have become an essential device of modern life in many countries, just like a refrigerator.
We need it, but users often don’t replace their old refrigerator with a newly launched ice-making model.
This is making smartphone companies think.

Like refrigerators, fewer and fewer people change their
phones every year. People tend to use old phones longer.Apple has harder more time selling iPhones each year. Therefore, the company must have changed its
strategy to make more money from the conveniences that are in users’ homes and pockets – in the
forms, like app downloads, Apple Music subscriptions, Air Pods headphones. And other products or
services connected to the company’s ecosystem.

Smart Strategy

It’s a smart strategy, working very effectively, and also a necessary strategy when the peak smartphone
era has been saturated. However, there are many challenges ahead for Apple to become something
bigger than just an iPhone company.
Vox journalist Peter Kafka recently wrote that Facebook started posting newsletters outside of the app
to avoid paying the fees Apple demanded. Other companies also say they feel forced to charge users in
iPhone apps because of the US tech firm’s rules. The developer of the Proton Mail app – an app that
sends encrypted email – says Apple has asked for an additional in-app purchase (IAP) option and
threatens that if the developer emailed customers about the change, Apple will remove the app and
block all updates. In short, the app will treat users worse, due to Apple’s change of strategy.

It is not uncommon for the world around us to be shaped by the business and financial models of
companies. Sometimes it benefits the user. Microsoft is giving Windows PC users access to more app
in part because they, unlike Apple, don’t need to monetize app fees. More importantly, Microsoft wants
to go against Apple.

The iPhones

“The iPhones with 100% battery left will be bought by buyers who think that the old owner rarely uses
them, so they accept to buy them at a higher price from 500,000 to 1 million VND. Understanding this
mentality, the iPhone business world also often fakes information. Numbers to lure users”, Hoang Kien,
an iPhone dealer shared.
The falsification of this parameter is done by specialized software. After changing the battery condition
parameter, the reset buyer cannot return to the real parameter. However, because the battery has been
bottled, the “battery jack” machines often experience the phenomenon of battery dropping quickly and
heating up when charging.
Many owners of used iPhone sales themselves also have to be careful about these types of goods.
“Every time we import the device, we have to use it first to check and then dare to sell it to customers,
because Apple currently doesn’t have a way to check the true capacity of the battery. The testing by
software on the market today is all the same.
According to the iPhone business world, this “battery boost” trick has existed for a long time, but only
appears on popular older iPhone models, such as iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8 Plus. Recently, relatively new
iPhone lines, such as iPhone 11, 11 Pro / Pro Max also have “battery size”.

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